2010 property valuation notices being mailed

Saturday, May 15, 2010

By Dave Ryals
Boundary County Assessor

The 2010 Property Valuation Notices will be in the mail June 7, and the market value shown will become the basis for property tax bills generated in November.

Changes can't be made after June 28, so property owners are encouraged to review their notices right away and contact the Assessor's Office, (208) 267-3301, if there are questions.

Many, but not all, property classes will see a slight value reduction this year and it's hoped we'll see some reduction in our tax bills as well, but that won't be known for certain until sometime in October, when taxing districts have their budgets completed and the rates have been calculated.

Beginning in July, county appraisers will be conducting their inspections around Naples and south to the county line, as well as the City of Moyie Springs and parts east of there. If you find a county appraiser business card on your door, it just means they were there and are letting you know in case you have questions. They will not enter your property without permission if “no trespassing” signs are posted.

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