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Boundary County Airport 65S

AWOS: (208) 267-3995 or Frequency 132.575

The Boundary County Airport lies two miles northeast of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, providing a scenic destination spot or resting point for all flyers. Some of the services available at the airport include overnight hangars for corporate aircraft, courtesy/rental car, pilot's lounge and supplies, flight instruction and airframe and power plant repair and maintenance and one restaurant within walking distance; the Three Mile Cafe, (208) 267-3513.

General Information

Latitude: 48�43.5'
Longitude: 116�17.6'
Elevation: 2331'
CTAF: 123.0
TPA: 3100'
Fuel: Jet A -- 100LL
FSS info: 1-800-527-3960

Runway Information

Length: 4000'
Width: 75'
Headings: 20/02
Lighting: VASI on NE end Runway 20
PCL (5 clicks) profile for Boundary County Airport

Eckhart International Airport 1S1

Ekhart International Airport, situated near the Idaho/Canada border near Porthill, is a fair-weather grass strip maintained under contract with the Idaho Department of Transportation aeronautics division. The strip is open to the public, though there are no services available. The strip is a customs landing rights airport, with radio traffic monitored by U.S. Customs agents at Porthill.

General Information

Latitude: 48�59.5'
Longitude: 116�30'
Elevation: 1756'
CTAF: 122.8
Operational Restrictions: Recommend landing Runway 33, takeoff Runway 15 when weather conditions permit. Not maintained for winter use. Numerous obstructions on approach to Runway 15.

Runway Information

Length: 3650'
Width: 175'

Surface is turf in good condition; Runway 33 edges marked with white rocks. No lighting. Aircraft parking limited to two hours in U.S. Customs Terminal area. profile for Eckhart International Airport

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