Press Release - Honor Guard

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Emergency Management

Press Release 1-25-18

Have you ever been to a funeral or event where an Honor Guard has provided services such as flag folding, presentations, or marches? It is very moving to the public and an honor to be a member of an Honor Guard, I know I have been in two.

Boundary County has our own Honor Guard which is in startup mode. Our Volunteer Fire Service Honor Guard has seven members from four different fire agencies. Their goal is to contribute to the morale of our fire service personnel, foster pride in our community, and serve first responder families with dignity and distinction.

The members include, Granite Allinger, Alan Hamilton, Cheryl Jackson, Ken Baker, Tony Rohrwasser, Wally Nyborg, and Len Pine as the Commander

Honor Guards provide a service in dress uniforms with the full complement of service implements. The Honor Guard is hoping to raise $6000 for those uniforms.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for donations for this project. Here is the link:

It takes special people to serve on Honor Guards. I discovered I could not do it, the emotions run to deep in me. I applaud those who can.

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