Noxious Weed List

General Notice to Destroy Weeds

By Order of the Board of Boundary County Commissioners

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the Idaho Noxious Weeds Law, Secttion 22-2408, Idaho Code, to every person who owns or controls land in Boundary County, that noxious weeds standing, being or growing on such lands shall be destroyed or eradicated by effective cutting, tillage, pasturing or treating with herbicides or other effective methods, or combination thereof approved by the County Weed Superintendent, as often as may be required to prevent the weed from blooming and maturing seeds, or spreading by root, root stalks, or other means. Upon failure to observe this notice, the County Weed Control Superintendent is required to proceed pursuant to the law and have weeds destroyed by such method as he or she finds necessary, the expense of which shall constitute a lien and be entered as a tax against the land, and be collected as other real taxes are collected or by other means as provided by law.

The following weeds are hereby officially designated and published as noxious, as per the authority vested in the Commissioner of Agriculture as per Section 22-2404, Idaho Code, and the Board of Boundary County Commissioners as per section 22-2405, Idaho Code:
Idaho's 65 Noxious Weeds designated noxious by state law. The spread of these weeds and the damage they do to Idaho agriculture can be lessened through proper identification and control.

* present in Boundary County

Common Name


Scientific Name

Black Henbane


Hyoscyamus niger

Bohemian Knotweed


Polygonum bohemicum

Brazilian Elodea


Egeria densa P.



Solanmum rostratum

Canada Thistle


Cirsium arvense

Common Crupina


Crupina vulgaris

Common/European Frogbit


Hydrocharis morsus-ranae

Common Reed (Phragmites)


Phragmites australis

Curlyleaf Pondweed


Potamogeton crispus

Dalmation Toadflax


Linaria genistifolia ssp. dalmatica

Diffuse knapweed


Centaurea diffusa

Dyer's Woad


Isatis tinctoria

Eurasian Watermilfoil


Myriophyllum spicatum



Cabomba caroliniana 

Feathered Mosquito Fern   Azoola pinnata
Field Bindweed


Convolvulus arvensis

Flowering Rush   Butomus umbellatus
Giant Hogweed


Heracleum mantegazzianum

Giant Knotweed


Polygonum sachalinese

Giant Salvinia   Salvinia molesta
Hoary Alyssum


Beteroa incana


Cynoglossum officinale



Hydrilla verticillata

Japanese Knotweed


Polygonum cuspidatum



Sorghum halepense

Jointed Goatgrass


Aegilops cylindrica

Leafy Spurge


Euphorbia esula


Nardus stricta

Meadow Knapweed


Centaurea pratensis

Mediterranean Sage


Salvia aethiopis



Milium vernale

Musk Thistle


Carduus nutans 

Orange Hawkweed


Hieracium aurantiacum

Oxeye Daisy


Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Parrotfeather Milfoil



Perennial Pepperweed


Lepidium latifolium

Plumeless Thistle   Carduus acanthoides
Poison Hemlock


Conium maculatum

Policeman's Helmet


Impatiens gladulifera


Tribulus terrestris

Purple Loosestrife


Lythrum salicaria

Rush Skeletonweed


Chrondrilla juncea

Russian Knapweed


Acroptilon repens




Scotch Broom


Cytisus scoparius

Scotch Thistle


Onopordum acanthium

Small Bugloss


Anchusa arvensis

Spotted Knapweed


Centaurea maculosa

Squarrose Knapweed


Centaurea squarrosa

Syrian Beancaper


Zygophullum fabago

Tall Hawkweed


Hieracium piloselloides

Tansy Ragwort  

Senecio jacobaea

Variable Leaf Milfoil


Myriophyllum heterophyllum

Vipers Bugloss


Echium vulgare

Water Chestnut


Trapa natans

Water Hyacinth


Eichoria crassipes

White Bryony


Bryonia alba



Cardaria draba

Yellow Devil Hawkwood


Hieracium glomeratum

Yellow Flag Iris   Iris pseudacorus
Yellow Floating Heart   Nymohoides peltata
Yellow Hawkweed * Hieracium caespitosum
Yellow Starthistle   Centauria solsititialis
Yellow Toadflax * Linaria vulgaris

Weeds of concern in Boundary County not on the State list:

Absinthe Wormwood

Artemesia absinthium

Common Tansy

Tanacetum vulgare


Kochia scoparia

Queen Anne�s lace (wild carrot)

Daucus carota

Common mullein

Verbascum thapus


Conyza Canadensis

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