Adoption of County Road Names

Adoption of County Road Names

Resolution 2005-29

WHEREAS, Boundary County through its Boundary County Commissioners has established a system to name new roads and rename existing roads within Boundary County, Idaho; and

WHEREAS, The roads identified herein by the name listed on Exhibit "A" will be the official road name of said roads in Boundary County, Idaho, and

WHEREAS, The roads as named herein are not new road names; and

WHEREAS, Ordinance No. 2004-1 allows the Board of County Commissioners to by Resolution name existing roads; and

NOW THEREFORE, the names of the roads identified on Exhibit "A" attached hereto are the official road names for said roads in Boundary County, Idaho.

Passed and Adopted this 15th day of August, 2005.


County Road Number Adopted County Road Name
1 Pack River Road
2 Deep Creek Loop
2.1 Dayton Way
2.2 Krogseth Way
2.3 Cottonwood Road
2a Funkhauser Street
2b Evergreen Street
2c Wendel Street
2d Labrosse Hill Road
2e McCall Street
2g Dallas Lane
2h Alpine Court
3 Shiloh Loop
3a Wilderness Road
4 McArthur Lake Road
4a White Mountain Road
4b Morris Road
4c Fall Creek Road
5 (East of Highway 95) Trail Creek Road
5 (West of Highway 95 to County Road 2) Schoolhouse Road
6 Highland Flats Road
6a Parson Road
6b Gold Road
6b-1 Mica Road
6c Prospector Road
6c-1 Nugget Road
7 Stagecoach Road
7a Depot Road
7b Naples Road
8 Mountain Meadows Road
8a Green Pasture Road
9 Twenty Mile Road
9a Skyline Road
10 Sandy Ridge Road
10a Bilderback Road
11 Plantation Road
12 Ruby Creek Road
13 Lions Den Road
14 Moravia Road
15 Lookout View Road
15a Ghandi Way
15a Tunnel Road
15b Marcy Road
16 Peaceful Way
18 Riverside Street
18a Mirror Lake Road
18b Mallard Road
19 Pine Island Road
20 Pleasant Valley Loop
20a Julian Road
20b Cabinet Mountain Road
21 Brown Creek Road
21 Paradise Valley Road
21-1 Longview Road
21a Shamrock Road
21b Stellar Jay Road
21e Paradise Valley Road
21c Blue Sky Road
21d Black Mountain Road
22 Kootenai Trail Road
22 Parker Canyon Road
22a Bridle Path Road
22b Lost Mile Road
22b-1 Woodside Road
22d Spruce Road
22f Hoot Owl Road
22g Old Relic Road
23 Cow Creek Road
23-1 Clifty View Road
23a Red Cloud Road
23b Madson Road
23c Turkey Hollow Road
23d Buckskin Road
24 Crossport Road
24 Katka Road
24a Kent's Gulch Road
24b Osprey Road
24c Fitzpatrick Road
24d Two Tail Road
28 Sunrise Road
28a Winesap Road
28A Great Northern Road
29 Hillcrest Road
29a Chokecherry Road
29b Ponderosa Way
29b-1 Syringa Drive
29b-2 Ravenwood Court
30 Moon Shadow Road
30a Homestead Loop
30b Homestead Loop
30a-1 David Thompson Drive
30a-2 Tobe Way
30a-3 Plato Drive
30c Aspen Drive
31 Day Break Road
31a Morning Glory Road
31b Industrial Way
32 Oxford Road
32.1 Foust Road
32a Sweetwater Road
32a1 Chute Canyon Way
32a3 Country Estates Drive
32a2 Falling Leaf Circle
33 Fry Creek Road
33a Amoth Road
34 Moyie River Road
34 Meadow Creek Road
34a Grouse Hill Road
34.1 Placer Creek Road
34b Earl Lane Road
34b2 Bussard Lake Road
34c Log Cabin Road
34d Old Addie Road
35 Wheeler Road
35a Lannigan Road
36 Smith Lake Road
36 Templeman Road
36a Pheasant Run Road
36b Smith Lake Road
37 Kings Row
37a Hagen Road
38 Kaniksu Street
38 District Five Road
38 Fleming Creek Road
38a Mission Road
38b Hubbard Road
38c Mendenhall Road
39 Fawn Lane
39a Heideman Road
40 Camp Nine Road
41 Holms Road
41a Honeysuckle Road
41b Foxglove Road
41-1 Lupine Road
42 Turner Hill Road
42a Rocking Tree Road
43 Deer Park Road
43a Harvest Road
44 Pywell Road
45 Copeland Road
45 Westside Road
45a Krause Road
45b Furrow Road
45b-1 Flat House Road
45c Kerr Lake Road
45d Big Bend Road
46 Farm to Market Road
46-1 Trading Post Road
46a Chisholm Hill Road
46b Klockman Road
48 Curless Road
49 Huff Road
50 Limber Road
51 Porthill Loop
51-1 Wheatland Road
51a Goat Mountain Road
51b Crescent Road
51c Haystack Road
51d Portside Road
51e Idaho Road
52 Bristle Cone Road
53 Fairfield Road
54 Spring Hill Road
55 Pinkerton Road
56 Giles Connection Road
57 Bison Road
58 Rock Creek Road
60 District Two Road
60-1 Ball Park Road
60 Blume Hill Road
60b Shingle Mill Road
60c Remington Road
60-2 French Point Drive
60-3 Lilac Place
60-4 Bordeaux Court
61 Maas Loop
61a Baldy Mountain Road
61-1 Winchester Road
61b Split Rock Road
62 Roosevelt Road
62a Star Road
62b Zimmerman Road
62c Rim Drive
62c-1 Canterbury Court
63 Eileen Road
64 East Mountain View
70 Twin Rivers Road
70a Tall Timber Road
71 Eagle Crest Road
72 Old Highway Two Loop
72a Winter Road
72.1 Dunning Road
72b Kucera Road
72c Bonner Lake Road
72d Firehouse Road
72e Avonlea Farm Road
73 Perkins Lake Road
73-2 Solomon Lake Road
73a Deer Creek Road
73b Hewett Road
73c Colts Road
73d Beaver Tail Road
74 Curley Creek Road
74a Lynx Road
74b Pine Creek Road
75 Herman Lake Road
76 Thunder View Road
76a Sleepy Hollow Road
77 Silver Springs Road
79 Whip Saw Road
79.1 Flicker Road
80 Ridgewood Road
80a McClintock Road
81 Painted Horse Road
95a Yukon Road
95c Huckleberry Road
95d Timberlane Road
95e Iron Horse Drive
Old Highway 95 Pioneer Road
Three Mile spur road Three Mile Road

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