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Opening - Planning and Zoning Commission

This is an exciting time and you have an exciting opportunity to be a part of the Boundary County community! There is an opening on the Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission. With this opening in mind, and since most people in Boundary County are unaware of the responsibilities and duties of a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, please check out Section 3. Administration of the Land Use Ordinance; refer to Sections 3.6.

Vacancy needs to be filled on Boundary County P&Z Commission

Boundary County Commissioners are seeking letters of interest from individuals who have lived in Boundary County for at least two years who are interested in filling a vacant position on the Boundary County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Member Kim Peterson, who served on the commission since March 2014 has tendered her resignation. Kim has mentored the current Chairman this year as well as having served as Chairman in prior years. Boundary County Commissioners extend their appreciation to Ms. Peterson for her service to the community.

Dynamite Cleared

The Spokane Bomb Squad successfully cleared the dynamite from Forest Service Road #633 (Myrtle Creek Road) on the Bonners Ferry Ranger District. Two cases of dynamite were discovered April 9, 2017 in a section of road that had been washed out. The dynamite appeared to have been buried for some time. The Spokane Bomb Squad assessed the situation with assistance from Forest Service Law Enforcement Officers, Boundary County Sheriff’s Office, and the Boundary County Office of Emergency Management.

Planning & Zoning Agenda - Jul 20th

MEETING AGENDA: July 20, 2017; 5:30PM

  1. Establish quorum; Open meeting
  2. Reading and approval of May 18 minutes.
    • Public Comment - Robert Martin
      • Question regarding subdividing
      • Special gift to children?
    • Public Comment (Open)
  3. Applicant interviews for Planning and Zoning Commission opening
  4. Comprehensive Plan Considerations:
    • Content Review
    • Map Review
  5. Adjourn

Drug Drop Box Program

In co-operation with the Idaho TRUTH 208 project, the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office has elected to participate in a Drug Drop Box program.

The drug drop box, located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office, is designed to provide citizens of Boundary County with a safe and secure location for disposal of unused, expired, or unneeded prescription drugs. The drop box is not intended for any drugs other than prescription drugs and is not intended for drug paraphernalia.


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