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Welcome to Boundary County GIS

Downloadable maps with addressable street centerlines and highway milemarkers:
Boundary County Map (with shaded relief)
Boundary County Map (no background) (For faster download)

Street Names & Addressing

Address & Street Naming Ordinance
The Boundary County Uniform Address and Street Naming Ordinance was adopted June 21, 2004 and revised June 18, 2007. The Ordinance contains essential definitions, establishes rules for the naming of roads and the address numbering system, and contains road and address signage information.

For information on obtaining a new physical address, see Requesting a new address

List of all addressable street names currently in use in Boundary County
Note that any highlighting shown in the street name list is for adminstrative use. Red or Orange highlight means that the street is addressed using the City of Bonners Ferry grid system. Yellow highlight is typically a road name that has been approved but not yet addressed.

Additional information may be obtained by calling (208) 267-5395 or by emailing GIS technician Olivia Drake at

Boundary County road name and addressing history:
Prior to 2004, all roads adopted into the County maintenance system were identified by numbers (1-95). As new roads were added into the system, hyphenated or alphanumeric combinations became common (2.1, 3a, etc.). Addresses were assigned by the Postal Service using Rural Route, then Highway Contract Route box numbers. The two different systems often made it difficult to identify a physical location based on a mailing address.

To meet the needs of both the U.S. Postal Service and advancing 9-1-1 technology, Gary Falcon spearheaded the effort of developing the ordinance that paved the way for a permanent addressing system in Boundary County. He worked to identify all roads in the County that serve three or more addressable structures, and added them to GIS maps which would then made available to emergency services personnel. With the adoption of the Ordinance in 2004, a five-member Boundary County Street Naming Committee was formed, with the task of determining the process to be used and then putting names to all of Boundary County's addressable roads. On August 18, 2005, County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2005-29, renaming established County Roads.

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