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County Maps

County Roads & Hwy MileMarkers Web Map
(See below for downloadable pdf maps)

This map does not depict Spring Load Limit Closures - please reference Spring Road Closures for that information.
Instructions and notes:
This content is for information purposes only. You may find that weather, construction, closures, or other events differ from the results depicted in this map. Always exercise judgement in the use of this content.
The map may not be updated immediately as situations change.

Public roads are light green (City), green (County) or magenta (ITD). Blue roads are PRIVATE.
There may be a delay based on your internet speed due to the data being transferred.
The County is unable to provide technical support for this map since the user experience will be different across all platforms (desktop vs smartphone etc.) The map works similar to other online mapping programs - To Pan, click and drag - To zoom, use wheel mouse (on computer) or pinch with fingers (touchscreen), or use the + - buttons.

To see information on an object, click on it. If there is more than one object (example 3 objects) in the area, the information box will show "1 of 3" in the top left. Click on the small arrow on the top right to cycle through the objects. Click on the X on the top right to close the information box.

Downloadable maps with addressable street centerlines and highway milemarkers:
Boundary County Map (with shaded relief)
Boundary County Map (no background) (For faster download)

Street Names & Addressing

For information on obtaining a new physical address or road naming information, see Requesting a new address

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