Personal Property Declarations and Exemptions

What is Personal Property?

Taxable business personal property can be commonly described as furniture and equipment that is used in the operation of a business. Buildings and structures are not considered personal property and are taxed separately. Furniture and equipment not used in the operation of a business is not assessed property taxes. For questions or concerns about business personal property feel free to contact the Assessor's office at (208) 267-3301.

When must I report my Personal Property?

You must return your personal property declaration to the Boundary County Assessor by the date indicated on the declaration, or no later than March 15. A different deadline may be given if your personal property is missed or your business starts after January 1st. You should file the declaration for transient personal property on or before the first Monday of November of each year with the Assessor of your home county.

What is Transient Personal Property?

Transient personal property is unregistered construction, logging and mining equipment which spend more than 30 consecutive days in more than one county in the state during the same year. If you own transient personal property, you should consider the county in which you maintain a residence or usual place of business as your home county.

Personal Property Exemption

The 2013 Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 315. This new law exempts up to the first $100,000 dollars per Taxpayer per county from their Business Personal Property value effective immediately. Mobile homes and airplane hangars are not included in HB315. Filing the Business Personal Property declaration acts as the application for this exemption.

For inquiries please call 208-267-3301

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