P&Z Minutes May 30, 2013

Planning and Zoning Regular Meeting Continued from May 16
May 30, 2013 5:30 pm

Attending: Matt Cossalman, John Cranor, Ron Self, John Moss, Marciavee Cossette, Bruce Behrman. Staff, John Cranor recording and notes for Dan Studer (Vacation).

At 5:30 pm Matt Cossalman, Chairman opened the regular meeting and read through the agenda

At 5:33 Cossalman reviewed the script for 13-020 Variance application by Pamela Abbott-Brooker, Black Mountain Road Paradise Valley. No conflict of interest, or ex-parte contact with members of the commission.

Cossalman opened the hearing and Pamela Abbott-Brooker had nothing to add for an opening statement. The Commission members had questions for the applicant.

Cossalman asked about the reason for the split and location; Pamela responded that she though it over carefully and came up with this new layout because of the flow of the current landscape, it was better to divide as she proposes, with no need for new easements or roads. Splitting on the West side was not desirable, because of the lay of the land, stables, corrals, etc. Asked about splitting into 2 tens Pamela said of her horse business and number of animals she has, 10 acres wouldn't support that. She also explained difficulties she has had with renters and insurance. She has no intention to split the remainder in the future, and along this road her neighbors have 5 acre and less parcels.

Studer gave his staff report, and pointed out additional driveway access points R&B had been improving on to the county road.

There were no public comments submitted, Cossalman closed the public comment.

Cossalman opened the hearing for discussion. Self commented that it was a complete and clear application, and no opposition from neighbors or public. Cranor commented that he also felt good about the request and hearing so far, but was concerned about setting a precedent in the 10 acre Ag/For. Zone. Cossalman agreed and commented on the possibility of doing this by cluster subdivision and not be able to divide the 17 later. The area could also be a candidate for rezone. Self said there are many 5 acre parcels already. Moss, Self and others discussed parcel size in the area. Cossette said she was comfortable and in favor of the application. Cossalman ended with comment regarding whether this was the right or wrong kind of precedent to set.

Cranor indicated he was comfortable with the discussion and made a motion to approve the application as presented, second by Cossette. No further discussion Cossalman asked for the vote, which unanimously in favor of the application.

Cossalman opened public hearing on application 13-026 Harley Mastre Conditional Use Permit for off-premiss sign in a commercial zone. No conflict of interest, or ex-parte contact with members of the commission.

Mastre made an opening statement saying it is a simple application to put up a sign on their property and do it as a business to advertise for local businesses and generate some revenue. Other businesses in the area are involved someway with him and are in agreement to put up a sign on the KG&T property.

He realizes that the advertising is “in county business”. Cranor asked regarding lighting; Mastre has worked on building near the airport and is aware of lighting and height issues. Mastre has studied the state regulations in addition to Boundary Counties. The sign will be 600 sq.ft. total, divided into two 300 sq.ft. sides. Cossalman and Moss asked about any video or electronics incorporated into the sign; Mastre said that would be too costly for this county.

Studer gave his staff report. The zone is commercial light industrial, 5 ft. setbacks apply. Self asked about Selkirk Loop limitation; restrictions from state were reduced a while ago and the ordinance allows signs in industrial and commercial light industrial zones. Studer left the meeting at 6:20 pm.

There were no comments from the public.

The commission discussed the size and design of the sign. Lighting and the airport were discussed.

Moss motion to approve the application with the condition that lighting shall not be pointed up; second by Self. Following discussion Cossalman called for the vote, which was unanimously in favor of the application.

Cossalman closed the public hearing.

Next on the agenda was discussion of the Economic Development Program input from Dave Sims. Issues brought up were high occupancy uses requiring conditional use permits in the Industrial zone, but not the commercial light industrial zone. Cossalman commented that large businesses are allowed, but those that create a lot of traffic would be scrutinized closely to make sure a church or other highly public business would not mix into an area where heavy/noisy industry is established. Also, manufacturing and warehousing over 8000 sq.ft. is a land intensive use and has to have a conditional use permit in the commercial light industrial zone, but not in the industrial zone. Cossalman commented that this is superseded in the zone description which allows 15,000 sq.ft. with only a development permit. A third issue with Sims was the need to get a conditional use permit in these zones if you exceed 15000 sq.ft. Cossalman felt Sims has the wrong idea, desiring to change these provisions.

Self asked if a solution might be to ask Sims in again for a discussion. Cranor and the commission have no real issue with what the ordinance specifies, more an issue of the map and some potential opportunities with changes there. Cossalman warned that the 15,000 limit is there to ensure public comment if a big box store were to come into Boundary County. Moss and Cranor commented that a greater limiting factor in attracting businesses is lack of infrastructure, electric, water, and sewer. Cossalman suggested that he talk to Studer, and Sims and see if there is opportunity to meet again and get some specific inputs for change; the commission is open for further discussion on this topic.

The Commission then went into discussion of Chapter 13, Comprehensive Plan Amendment Proposal. They also discussed edits in Chapter 14 Community design. The record is on file: P&Z Reviewed CompPlan13_062013.doc, in the P&Z courthouse office Room 16.

Dan Studer/John Cranor

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 18:00
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